Dreamworks “Cowboys & Aliens”
ABC Studios “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 4-6
The Walt Disney Company “No Ordinary family” Season 1
Columbia Pictures lndustries “Fiona’s Tale”
New Line Productions “Horrible Bosses”
NBC Universal “The Event”
Sony Pictures Television “Happy Endings”
20th Century Fox Television “Raising Hope” season 1
NBC Universal “Fast & Furious 5”
Sony Pictures Television “Community” season 2
Walt Disney Pictures “Tron Legacy”
Columbia Pictures “The Social Network”
20th Century Fox Film Corp. “Untitled Wichita Project”
ABC Studios “Funny in Farsi”
20th Century Fox “Bones”
20th Century Fox T.V. “Better off Ted” Season 2
Warner Bros. Television “The Mentalist”
NBC Universal “Heroes” Season 2
The Walt Disney Company “Couger Town”
ABC Studios “Castle” season 2
Warner Bros. Television “The Forgotten”
Warner Bros. Television “Sarah Connor Chronicles” Series
20th Century Fox “Unstoppable”
Walt Disney Pictures “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo”
Warner Bros. Television “Big Bang Theory”
The Walt Disney Company “Flash Forward” season 1
20th Century Fox Film Corp. “This Might Hurt”
HBO “Californication” Season 2
ABC Studios “Good Behavior”
FX NetWork “lt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
Warner Bros. “Lethal Weapon”