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This Acoustical Charcoal foam is effective against standing waves and flutter echoes in most small-to-medium sized rooms like vocal booths, control rooms, studios, home theaters, churches or offices.   It also functions as a full frequency bandwidth absorbent for any size room when used in conjunction with corner bass absorbents and male/female broadband absorbents.

  • Reduces Unwanted noise and echo
  • Make higher quality audio and video recordings
  • Use to spot treat a professional or home recording studio, easy to shape and cut to size.

CHARCOAL 1/4 X 23 X 72, CHARCOAL 1/2 X 23 X 72, CHARCOAL 1 X 26 X 72, CHARCOAL 1 1/2 X 26 X 72, CHARCOAL 2 X 26 X 72, CHARCOAL 2 X 47 X 72, CHARCOAL 2 X 47 X 96, CHARCOAL 3 X 26 X 72, CHARCOAL 4 X 26 X 72, CHARCOAL 5 X 26 X 72


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