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Call for shipping price on sheet sizes 48 x 48

Call us for pricing on full sheets that are 48″ x 96″ up to 1″- 22″ thick.
In store pick up for full sheets.

Our sculpture foam is a fine cell structure for easy finishing. Provides an extremely stable and precise material for product prototypes and design models. Whether you are building a sports car, an aircraft prototype, or a topographical map, it is an outstanding creative medium that supports accuracy and fine detail. These modeling foams are easily shaped to create amusement park facades, movie props and polyurethane sculptures.


SCULPTURE 2LB 4 X 18 X 24, SCULPTURE 2LB 6 X 24 X 24, SCULPTURE 2LB 6 X 24 X 48, SCULPTURE 2LB 6 X 48 X 48, SCULPTURE 2LB 12 X 24 X 48, SCULPTURE 2LB 12 X 48 X 48


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