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Fine-celled, chemically cross linked polyethylene that is ideal for a wide variety of applications. It combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties. Resilient, excellent buoyancy, good thermal insulator. THIS PRODUCT IS ALSO KNOWN AS EVA FOAM

Can be used for:
Closure Strips – Costuming – Sport Padding – Gymnasium Wall Protection – Sports Flooring and Mats – Camping Pads – Toys and Games -Exercise Mats – Boat seats (kayak and canoe)

Because it combines many desirable chemical and physical characteristics, cross-linked polyethylene foam is an extremely popular material in numerous applications, including packaging, insulation, toys, floatation devices, gaskets, seals, expansion joints, cushioning, orthopedic, sporting goods, and much more. Properties such as buoyancy, dimensional stability, flexibility, durability, thermal stability, and high resiliency make it extremely desirable in such industries as medical and health care, packaging, military, industrial, construction, transportation, entertainment, sports, and leisure.

As a top custom cross-linked polyethylene foam  supplier and fabrication company in Burbank (the entertainment capital), FOAM MART can help guide you through your creative process.


L200 3/4 X 24 X 48 BLACK, L200 3/4 X 24 X 48 WHITE, L200 3/4 X 47 X 72 BLACK, L200 3/4 X 47 X 72 WHITE, L200 3/4 X 47 X 96 BLACK, L200 3/4 X 47 X 96 WHITE


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